Wednesday, September 23, 2009


well, it's 7:00.

and i've done decent today. but now i really want some peanut butter.

things haven't been going that great for me. i won't go into things because it's not really relevant or important to go into specifics but suffice to say, i'm not in the greatest of places mentally and god i want to eat.

i want to let myself indulge. i want to take comfort in some peanut butter and a glass of milk. or milk and cereal.

i want to try to eat my way to feeling better.

and i know it won't work, but dammit i want to try.

maybe i could put off getting on track until tomorrow...

except i've only got 16 days until st. louis. and the scale says i'm 118.5

sigh. 16 days to lose 10 pounds. i guess i have my answer.


  1. Hang in there. I know you can lose 5+ pounds easy.

  2. We need to get over this!

  3. peanut butter sounds so amazing. or the caramel apple candy corn in my car... notice its in my car? I left it there for a reason!!

  4. You always feel better when you eat. At least you do while the taste is still on your tongue. But as soon as it's gone, you hate yourself more than before.
    Just don't do anything that'll make you hate yourself more, ok?

  5. i agree with pretty wreck. all i can suggest is exercise, water, and stay away from food! you can definitely lose the weight... go on a fast maybe?