Sunday, September 13, 2009

a look inside my mind...and tummy...

tummy: i'm really fucking hungry.

brain: shut up. we had dinner. you know the rules. no more for you.

tummy: but there's graham crackers downstairs.

brain: yeah that's just what you need.

tummy: and cinnamon toast crunch. you could love on that with a giant glass of cold milk.

brain: fuck you.

tummy: or what about just bread and butter? you love carbs. you love butter. it's a win-win.

brain: except it's a LOSE-FUCKING-LOSE.

tummy: oh come along, you did hot yoga. you've lost some weight. you took some laxatives. it's all going to shit out anyway, just eaaaaat.

brain: NO! have you seen what you look like? you've lost weight? god you look exactly the same! and that thigh gap is NOT nearly as impressive as it should be. it's like a thigh sliver right now. it's not a gap, it's a crack in the sidewalk.

tummy: but i'm so hungry. stop giving me water. you're getting heavier from that.

brain: yes, i don't like seeing the numbers inch up as i keep drinking water, but it's all going to get peed out.

tummy: you're always doomed to be a fat girl, ruby. you'll never be a thinspo for anyone, except maybe a reverse one. just fucking eat.

brain: no! someday i will be thin! i will not let you rule me! now shut up and take some more water.

tummy: fuck you. ::gurglegurgle::

...oh god is this the sign that i've snapped?


  1. I'm sorry, I don't know if you meant this to be funny in any, but I laughed on the inside. You haven't snapped, you're just giving your struggle some voices and dialogue, no big deal. And I especially liked that your brain called your thigh gap a thigh sliver. Keep up the water, its our body's best friend!

  2. No, you haven't snapped. I find that my neurosis brings out the comedienne in me. Loved the dialogue!