Saturday, September 19, 2009

pick yourself up and start over

well i had a lovely time in st louis. didn't catch the boyfriend in a compromising position. had a wonderful wonderful two days with him. siiiigh long distance is awful. but at least he's wonderful.

unfortunately, i made the mistake i always do and let the compliments and comments on my skinniness go to my head. and i slipped.

i've binged the past two nights. but no more

i'm going to be back on track.

i may not be 109.5 any more but i know it's possible, and this simple fact is enough to push me to get back to it.

so back to my rules:

goal date: october 10, 2009
goal weight: 108 lbs
1. no refined carbs past 3 p.m.
2. no eating or liquids past 9 p.m. (except water)
3. at least 1/2 hr on the elliptical. every. day.
4. 800 calories per day MAX. attempt 500 cals per day if possible.

i will regain my discipline. i will reach 108. and most of all, i will maintain it.


p.s. i promise i'll catch up on everyone's blogs and comment soon. it's so hard to read about everyone else being so good when i've been so bad...

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