Saturday, September 26, 2009

black holes and revelations

well here it goes.

i didn't get back on track. i did the very opposite. i figured that i couldn't get my mind in the proper state as long as pms as family shit was ruling my brain.

but i'm not using that as an excuse any more. i actually crave the desperate fight against my stomach to not binge. and i'm going to win now.

today it starts. i know i've said it again and again, so this time i know i have to do it right because i can't keep letting everyone down.

i'm going to the gym now. when i get back, i'll read all the blogs i've neglected while in my food coma.

i love you all and if you choose not to support me this time because i've kept letting you down, i understand.



  1. i still love you and support you!
    Stay strong hun, it will be ok.

  2. You can do it!
    Its detrimination like that that keeps you going!