Monday, September 21, 2009

touch her soft lips and part

so...still not feeling that awesome. and i'm a bit cranky as well, so overall i'm sure i've been less than pleasant to deal with to all today which i feel quite bad about.

i think i'm definitely pms-ing which has me in a bit of a conundrum: do i allow myself some indulgence as this time of the month sucks and i know these cravings aren't going to go away or do i just kick my own ass and try to fight through my cravings?

i've less than three weeks to go until the boyfriend's birthday and i'm up at 115.5 right now. however, i can't help but hope that's just water weight as i don't understand how i could have gained 6 pounds in so short a time, even with my binges.

or maybe i'm just lying to myself. a likely possibility...

so overall, good day today. had some rice cakes after my designated carb cutoff time but they're only 7g of carbs each so i'm going to let it slide.

still so hungry though...ugh...i hate being a girl. except when i buy new shoes. then it's ok haha

much love to all my commenters! seriously, this support is beyond amazing



  1. thanks for the verry nice comment=] and yes we are just peachy!!=]

    i am almost positive its water weight, which I HATEE! lol

    and i loveee shoes too=] they aer so fun and pretty=] lol

    stay on task girl you got it!

  2. ooomygosh. I hate that damn time of the month and the water weight-- I totally totally totally know what you mean though- I have to indulge a little when I'm pmsing or I'm just a mess! a mess!

  3. Rice cakes are not that bad! A big mug of hot tea helps me fight cravings. I always crave chocolate, peanut butter, and refined carbs on my period. Ugh. Mother Nature's a beeyatch.

    Wouldn't it be easier to be a boy? No cellulite and world domination. We get childbirth and cute shoes. Not much of a fair trade, huh?

  4. Hullo :) thank you for commenting on my post... duno where all my commenters have gone so it means alot :) and it means i found your blog of amazingness which is super cool :)