Sunday, September 6, 2009

i long for a thigh gap

so it's been a long day. i've been up since six a.m. and i am sleeeeeeeepy. but i must post!

so i think i did pretty well overall today. it was a pretty relaxed day, which can sometimes be a little bit of a challenge to my diet. i mean, if we're all just lying around, i get bored, and when i get bored, i get hungry, and when i get hungry, i can make stupid decisions. i managed to keep myself in line by doing some laundry and watching a movie. so overall, my intake for today was:
  • fresh cantaloupe: 40 cals
  • 2 egg white omelet with 1 tbsp milk: 45 cals
  • 5 grapes: 15 cals
  • 3/4 granny smith apple: 60 cals
  • 2 wedges laughing cow cheese: 70 cals
  • 16 blueberries: 15 cals
  • catfish (i went skimpy on the breading when i made it and baked it and only ate part of it): ~175
  • green beans: 30 cals
  • 5 grapes: 15 cals
total: 465
and as i said earlier, i did hot yoga today which was fantastic. i might still do another dvd, but it's getting late so we shall see.
  • hot yoga: ~780 cals
grand total: -315 cals
so this should help make up for my binge last night. and now i kind of want to let myself have another apple. is that bad? it's better than cinnamon toast crunch, yes, but still, i shouldn't eat since that means i'd be breaking one of my rules. but it wouldn't be carbs...maybe i need to ease myself back into these strict rules. or am i just slacking off again?

god i just want to be skinny. i wish i could just pull it off like play-doh.


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