Wednesday, September 30, 2009

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how the FUCK have i gained weight?

where has this pound come from and WHY is it here?

shit i really don't want to binge today but i am thisclose to just saying "fuck it all" and eating my way through the pantry until my stomach hurts.

except now i've been restricting so zealously that i'm actually scared of food.




    Don't do it.

    Hopefully it's water weight, fingers crossed :)

    Ly xx

  2. there are a number of reasons that pound is there if you go and binge guess what ?

    then it will still be there tomorrow and it will be fat and there might even be another pound to go with

    if you dont binge then you get to see if its gone tomorrow it could be water weight, anything to do with periods as those things play havoc with scales not trying to be gross but as your retricting the digetive system slows you could just be a little backed up

    lol sorry there was not an ungross way to put that

    now you better take my hypocritcal advice and NOT BINGE


  3. dont binge sweetie! you are stronger than that! If i can avoid binging you can too!

    good luck hunnie!