Monday, September 7, 2009

clair de lune

i count today as a day well done. after my epic morning workout and subsequent stint in bed, i managed to keep myself fairly well occupied until dinner. and i managed to get out of eating a baked potato (no carbs!) and stuck to a veggie burger and some of the vegetable kebabs i made. and while i'm still currently really craving a tall glass of milk and some ritz crackers, i just brushed my teeth so hopefully my brain (and my stomach) will get the message that it ain't happening tonight.

so i've decided that i'm going to go to st. louis next week to visit my boyfriend. i don't, however, plan upon telling him that i'm coming for a visit. every single romantic comedy i have seen tells me that i will find out he is cheating on me. it's a no-fail strategy. girl decides to surprise guy. girl goes to see guy. girl finds guy in a compromising position (whether it is actually compromising or just a hilarious misunderstanding depends on the guy and plot). girl gets upset and storms out. now, i am not kate hudson/sandra bullock/jennifer aniston/insert name of girl from lots of chick flicks here, so i'm about 99% i will not encounter my boyfriend in the stockroom with his hot female coworker. but still, my teenage self is rattling off names of dozens of movies where this occurs. my twenty-two year old self is currently telling my sixteen-year old self to shut up and go back to reading catcher in the rye and pretending you're a lot deeper than you actually are as you listen to something corporate.

it's a crazy world in my head, i tell you.

anyway, now i'm in bed, getting ready for a brand new day. i have seven days starting tomorrow until i see the boyfriend and i'd really like to have made some progress. i don't know if it's my late-night binges (THREE DAYS IN A FUCKING ROW) or muscle development or what, but i seem to have gained about three pounds, which is highly unsettling. perhaps some maximum strength laxatives will be in my future. no, not perhaps, definitely.
  • egg white omelet: 45 cals
  • cantaloupe: 40 cals
  • KIND bar: 170 cals
  • veggie burger and a half: 135 cals
  • grilled vegetables: ~65 cals
  • apple: 80 cals
total: ~535 cals

calories burned:
  • 1 hr, 5 mins elliptical: 575 cals
  • 20 mins treadmill (walking): 75 cals
  • yoga dvd: ~90 cals
total: 740 cals
total for today: -205 cals
hopefully this will start to make up for my HORRIBLE past three days.

till then, i say goodnight to you all and i hope everyone else had a fantastic day!


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  1. Well, I hope you have fun and catch your boyfriend being a good boy. Then you could really enjoy yourself! And the weight gain is probably muscle, but that's good. Not only does muscle burn more calories but it fits in clothes better as well!!