Friday, September 11, 2009


sweet baby jeebus.

i got on the scale this morning thinking i'd be around the same as yesterday.

112 lbs.

i'm so close to my goal weight, i can taste it. and it tastes like awesome.

i find myself getting oddly excited and looking at myself in the mirror, wondering where the last 2-3 lbs will come from. god i hope it's my hips. or my arms.

however, i'm also scared that i could have a binge day soon. i've been so good for going on three days now, i'm worried i'll be unable to resist the siren song of the cinnamon toast crunch for much longer. urrrrgh why must i know my weaknesses all too well??

parents are still out of town. i still have the house all to myself until sister dear comes home from work. it still rocks. sister dear wants to get thai food tomorrow though so i'm going to have to either REALLY restrict tomorrow or fake a headache and eat only a little bit of something. maybe both?

really sleepy right now. might just have to nap and dream of getting to 109. mmmm sleepy sleep.


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  1. Here's to lost memories...

    Dance with your father to one of The New York Times’’s
    Best Wedding Songs, “Little Girl,” by E. Walter Smith