Wednesday, September 23, 2009

rule your appetite, or it will rule you.

well i'm a huge screw-up.

i've been binging and purging every day since i got back from st louis, and now i'm 7 lbs heavier.



ok, let's face it. being on track sucks. i'm hungry, i'm constantly trying not to eat, i'm distracted, i'm irritable.

but i have to get back on track. even if i have to lock myself in my room after dinner so i don't binge.

i've got so very little time before st. louis again. this may just be an epic failure. but there's a dress i want to wear and i need to look fantastic for his birthday.

i'm going to go to the gym. i'm going to use the elliptical for 30 minutes. then i will run on the treadmill for 20 minutes. then i will come home and if my mom is gone, i will do a video.

and i will not eat after dinner. seriously. ESPECIALLY not carbs.

this is it. this is new ruby. i am going to do this. just like all you lovely, successful, gorgeous girls out there!



  1. good to hear you're motivated to do better.
    seriously 7 lbs will come off easy if you do all the exercise you're planning to. & its probably water weight.

    omg yaay for haribos, they're my weakness. all the way to the shop i was like 'jenny, ur on the abc, think about what ur about to buy, don't do it, dont!!!!'
    but i did & i failed.
    but we can soo get back on track together.

  2. well at least your not just giving up. you will be fien once you get back on track, its just going to be hard to get there but you can do it.
    good luuck
    love ellex

  3. DUDE, we are in it TOGETHER!

  4. come on girl! you can totally do it. get back on track. keep your water bottle with you, zone out at the gym with some music... 7 pounds will b gone in 7 days (or less?)... just watch. good luck!

  5. I'm with you!

    We'll get back on track!