Saturday, September 19, 2009

fibbin' ruby

well i lied.

i binged tonight. and i purged.

but you know what, sunday seems like a WAY better day to start over.

new day, new week, and i'm doing hot yoga which will totally get me feeling way better.

yes, this is what i tell myself so that i don't go curl up in a ball and cry for a week.

think i'm being completely bizarre?

but at least i didn't lie about reading blogs and commenting!



  1. sunday is always the best day to start over. a new beginning i always feel :)

  2. I always say that to myself on Sunday, then change my mind and decide Monday is better. Or sometimes Saturday... lol. Have fun with the yoga x

  3. you are right=] i hope that you did good today, i am sure you did=] and i set my alarm way early so that i could work out=] i am going to hard core restrict tomorrow! stay strong=]