Saturday, September 26, 2009

a little thinspiration for me...

i'm feeling it. the images of food on my peripheral vision. the ghost feeling of treats on my tongue. it's there. it's almost palpable.

i'm fucking hungry. and i know it. and i'm not going to indulge it.

it feels so good in a sick, twisted way.

that bread? it'll be there tomorrow. and the next day. and the day after that.

i'm not going to eat it tonight. not the bread. not the butter. not the oreos. or the graham crackers. or anything else.

i've done decent today and i'm not fucking it all up for the millionth time.

instead i'm staying in my room and going to bed early. then i'll get up and do hot yoga tomorrow morning. 

that's my dress for the boyfriend's birthday, by the way. i guess it's more thinspiration for me than for you guys, so i'm sorry if it's a little selfish for me to post it, but you see, i need to look fucking amazing in it. because let's face it, i know there are a lot of gorgeous girls in st louis and i'll be damned if i let any skinny bitch steal my boyfriend away from me.

not that he would ever let anything happen like that. he's extremely loyal. but that doesn't mean i don't worry...

it's super cute though! and the white thing is the tag, by the way. it's just a plain black spaghetti strapped top but it's H&M so you know that shizz be tight (word.)

thank you so much for the comments, you guys. you don't know how much it means to me. i could cry (and with the amount of pms-ing currently going on, there's a solid chance of that occurring)

so thank you. again. from the bottom of my heart.



  1. That top is absolutely gorgeous...I know you'll look stunning in it! Keep up your good work.


  2. mann that is soo cute!! you will look amazing=]

    you got this. and great will power!

  3. well thanks! and soo are you, no lie!!

    and no problem=]

  4. That dress is going to look amazing on you!

    Lexy xx

  5. That's a beautiful dress! And you'll look so great in it! : D