Friday, October 9, 2009

taper jean girl

well this is it. final day. i'm off to st louis so i probably won't be able to read or update until i get back next week. but i hope everyone knows by now that i think they're spectacular and strong and wonderful and gorgeous!

weighed myself today after a KIND bar, coffee, and Hot Yoga. Final weight?


i couldn't believe it. i weighed myself three times on two different scales. my mom's, which is considered to be the "accurate" one said 105

and of course, in typical ruby fashion i'm thinking "maybe i could get to 103..."

well, for now i'm just going to be pleased that i made it to here, try to be good while i'm in st louis, but allow myself a little slack because, well, it's the boyfriend's birthday and i'd be pretty selfish if all i was thinking about was what i wanted.

on the upside, he's working until close tonight which means i'm on my own for dinner. yaaaaay!

well darlings, in my usual way, i've left everything to the last minute so i've got a LOT to do before i get on the road! hope everyone has a spectacular weekend!

and if i CAN sneak on here, you know i'll be reading all of your fantastic blogs and commenting away hahaha



  1. its good to cut a little slack every now an dthen when there is good reason just make sure you enjoy his birthday if that means eating eat if that means not eating dont eat cause he wont be happy if your worrying

    eek have fun im in a jittery want to get out of my town mood so am feeling excited by other peoples trips :)


  2. Have fun! 106 is amazing you can be proud of yourself and you owe yourself a little fun.
    Keep strong!

  3. I'm so proud of you! I hope you have a wonderful time!

  4. 106 is really amazing! wow.
    have a nice trip :D.

  5. Have FUUUUN!!!
    we thing you're spectacular and strong and wonderful and gorgeous too. keep up the good work

  6. Amazing job! Have fun on your trip! : )