Tuesday, October 6, 2009


hello darlings!

i'm sorry i've been such a slacker about reading blogs and commenting. usually it's like one of my favorite things to do in the whole wide world, but, as you probably guessed from some of the preceding posts, i've been feeling a little depressed lately. but, i'm feeling better today, and NOT just because i'm now at 110.5 OR because a size 2 at Target is too big for me and now i have to buy xs in some things. no, it's because i'm going to have the house to myself for a few days.

my mom is going to visit my aunt and while i will miss her terribly (my mom is seriously like my best friend--i love her to death), it will be nice to have the house all to myself during the day (at least until sister dear comes home).

update on sister dear: she's gained weight. like at least ten pounds. it's not her fault, she eats right, she exercises, she indulges in moderation. she's just on this new med that makes her gain a lot of weight. and she is NOT dealing with it well. not that i would be any better, god knows i'd probably have a nervous breakdown if i shot up to my highest weight without doing anything. if i'm going to be fat, i would hope i'd at least get to eat some yummy foods to go with it! anyway, she doesn't look bad. honestly she doesn't look like she's gained much at all. but she's so angry about it and guess who she's taking it out on...that's right, the girl who doesn't really eat. i'm not sure what to do. i feel like i should let her because i deserve it since i'm not the one with the problem. she's angry at herself and her weight and i represent someone who has (some) control over her weight, so she should just yell at me and call me a bitch. fucked up, i know, but when are relationships between sisters ever NOT in some way?

anyway, i'm driving my mom o to the airport soon and then i'm going to the gym and then maybe, since i'll have the house all to myself :-) i'll do a 40 minute video instead of my usual 20? it's going to be so relaxing, you guys. i can't even tell you how excited i am.

hope everyone is having a FANTASTIC day so far and that it only gets better and better!


p.s. i promise, comments will be coming soon!
p.p.s. seriously, have i told all of you how fantastic you are? you never fail to make me feel better and all of you have such fascinating, sometimes hilarious, sometimes beautiful, but always relate-able blogs and i don't know how i could do anything without you


  1. I'm excited for you to have the house mostly to yourself! Someday I will just one day completely to myself lol I will not eat a thing, I swear! And even though I'm jealous, I'm so very, very, very happy about your size! You make me want to get there like NOW! Enjoy your time having the house to yourself!!!!

  2. ugh i would be 110 with you right now if it weren't for weekends. they mess me up so badly. please update me on "sister," are u guys close? is she normally thinner than you or bigger? sisters in general are difficult, i have a younger one. impossible to get along with mostly. i hope you have an amazing relaxing, fun time while your mom is away, even though you'll miss her. i just moved out of my moms house. i miss her terribly :(

  3. your encouragement is awesome! and congrats on a size 2 being too big- do i spy a size ZERO in the near future? :) keep it up girlie!

  4. Thanks for the motivation, I totally need it. lol, I'm hoping it's a fluke, too.

  5. ahhhh I'm insanely happy for you about your home alone-ness/relaxing time and about your size 2 being big! Have you tried a zeroo yet??
    I'm so jealous that you get a few days home alone! That would be perfect for a fast, no questions or anything.. but I'm sorry you'll miss your mother ):
    I'm also sorry about your sis, that sucks she's gaining weight, and I hope she doesn't take too much out on you, cause there isn't anything you can do. Hopefully it will work out and maybe her meds will slow down or something?
    Well, good luck with whatever you intend to do!

    Stay strong (:

  6. I LOVE having the house to myself! Have fun!!