Friday, October 2, 2009


okay so i was miss debbie downer yesterday

but when i weighed myself this morning, the scale said 111

and suddenly i feel a little better. i've still got a week until st. louis so maybe, just maybe, i could whittle my way down to 108!

i couldn't keep doing this without everyone's support to help me resist the evil evil carbs and sweets

i thought about giving myself a day off, something, as was suggested, to break the tension. but now it's like i'm scared to eat. nothing seems worth breaking the routine i've got going now. don't get me wrong, everything would taste delicious and i'm sure once i got started i'd be fine

but i feel like i'm scared to start.

it's weird and it worries me a little, but hell, i'll take it!

been to the gym already. contemplating a dvd. now is not the time to slack, i know, but i wonder if, since i won't be letting myself have a treat and we're doing leftovers for dinner tonight (which usually means i can eat something small by myself) if i should let myself have a day without dear jillian michaels. maybe i'll start it and if i really just am too tired, i'll stop the dvd and do some yoga later.

right now though my pupils are dilated from going to the doctor's office, which made running at the gym a little awkward since the elliptical faced the windows. owwwie! so maybe i'll just lie down for a little bit...

hope everyone is having a wonderful day!



  1. Hurrah for 111!! You're doing amazing! and if you're doing so amazing right now maybe it is a good idea too not eat anything too calorie filled? I don't know, for me when I eat one thing it leads to like a billion.. boo on binging! Good luck with getting too 108, at the rate you're going now you'll do it with nooo problem..

    and I am having a wonderful day! hope yours is just as great


  2. 111 is amazing well done!! You are doing incredibly well.. After a 14 Ib loss in the last 6 weeks I took 'one day off' and it has literally led to a week of bingeing and a 1 pound gain - If I was 111 then it'd be worth it, but at my current weight it definitely wasn't worth it!! It's a tricky one! We all need a break at times, depends if we can handle 'just one day' but your control is obviously much better than mine!! well done again and thanks for ur lovely comment :)