Sunday, August 9, 2009

well i knew this would happen


just ate an entire sleeve of crackers. badbadbadbadbadbadbad.

threw them all up of course. along with some fruit. ugh i feel like ass.

and sister dear is totally still pissed for some reason. whatever. i bought her a pack of gum and she just was a total bitch to me. "What is THIS for?" um because i'm nice? and she totally hasn't eaten like anything all day and she worked out. FUCK.

today is NOT going as i had planned. at. all.


  1. I'm sorry you had a hiccup in your plan. But every day is a new day, don't let this really set you back. We have to pick up and keep starving. You can do it!

    <3 Eva

  2. Your sister is way retarded. Good lord.
    How old is she anyways?

    You will do great lovely.
    Don't focus on today. Just worry about reseting tomorrow and being prepared. <3