Thursday, August 13, 2009

standing strong

i thought this thinspiration would be appropriate since that's the pose i've done for the past two days. only i don't look nearly as good and i doubt this gorgeous girl chose anything and i ate everything bad.

so today has been pretty good. did my fat-burning pilates cardio video. have any of you ever tried any of the videos from the crunch series? they have a great range of routines and some of the instructors are really unannoying, which i don't know about you, but i find that's really rare when using a workout dvd. however, my one main problem with this dvd is one of the girls they have in the video doing the routines with the instructor. she's immediately behind ellen barrett (the instructor) to the left and this chick is wearing a really short cropped t-shirt and ladies, she does NOT have the midsection to be wearing it. i'm not trying to be a raging bitch, i just think there's very VERY
very few girls that should ever attempt such a look and if you have ANY sort of a tummy, just be careful and get an honest opinion first. and this chick, she has a tummy. no she's not huge, there's not like a muffin top/sausage roll/other unflattering food comparison thing going on, but it's really obvious that she should have chosen something more like a real shirt. and it's so DISTRACTING. i just want her to move to the far far back. there's also another chick in the dvd who has CLEARLY been sleeping with someone on the production crew because a) she has some really obviously fake boobs that she likes to show off in this weird bra top thing and b) my god she gets a lot of camera time. and she wears these pigtails! people, if you are over 21, don't wear pigtails. and i'm being generous when i say 21. drew barrymore? she's cute, whimsical, sometimes she can pull this off. but that's the only person over oh, say 12 who i can say that about. for the most part, i think pigtails should be done in a very discretionary manner. like midriff baring crop tops. it's not for everyone.

BUT i decided to do something new for breakfast today! it was a little bit more calories than i had planned but not atrocious.
  • 1/2 cup oatmeal (150 cals)
  • 10 blueberries (8 cals)
  • three drops of honey (i don't know, we'll overestimate and say 10 cals)
  • 1 hard-boiled egg white (17 cals)
  • 10 grapes (30 cals)
  • 4 cups coffee (0 cals)
grand total: 215 cals
calories burned with video: 128 cals
total: 87 cals
now i'm watching the america's next top model marathon on bravo, hoping that the sight of all these gorgeously skinny girls will make me not want to eat. or that maybe tyra's craziness will distract me from my hunger. plus i just painted my nails, so no touching anything for me! today will be a good day. i need it to be. after how much i fucked up over the past two days, this discipline will get me feeling good, i know it. i need it to.

wish me luck, girls! i've got like 2.5 hours until i need to start getting ready to go to the bridal show with c. and then i'll get to leave. and i already told my mom i'm going out to dinner with c so i won't be having anything at home. is it bad that i get a little rush from being sneaky and getting to avoid food?

keep up the amazingly inspiring work! oh and i think lipstick lullabies could use some inspiring words, so if you haven't already sent her some love her way, please please do!


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