Tuesday, August 11, 2009

birthday tiara, please

it's my birthday, oh fabulous ones! and while i didn't make it to my goal weight of 110 for the big day, i've managed to get myself to around 112-113 (unreliable scales make figuring this out so damn complicated), so i'll take what i can get and try not to beat myself up too much.

and i managed to stay under 600 calories yesterday AND get in a workout. even though my mom brought home this giant cinnamon coffee cake cinnabon sugar glazed monstrosity and i watched my boyfriend eat it as well as this super yummy looking bread and fantastic sushi. and my mom made a roast turkey which smelled SO GOOD. but i stayed STRONG and kept my intake to 600 which isn't fantastic but considering the temptations around me, i give myself some points.

and today i'm under 100 calories so far plus a yoga video. i know we're going out to dinner and having cake but i figure i'll just try my best and go back to fasting and heavily restricting tomorrow no matter what.

after all, it's my birthday. and one day of around 900 calories (MAX!!!!) won't destroy me. right?

oh to be a boy and get to eat whatever you want and not gain any weight. siiiiiiiiiiiigh. they're so lucky and they don't even know it.

anyway, my gorgeous companions, have a fantastic day and a drink (or two!) for me!



  1. I wasn't really near my goal weight on my birthday last month. (18th, so I wanted to be extra thin)
    So I know how you're feeling.
    But I shook it off and focus extra hard on getting thin for when school starts up.

    If you don't hit a goal, look past it for things further down the line.
    Helps keep you on track.

    Hope all is well, oh and..

    Happy birthday lovely.
    may all your wishes come true.

  2. my bday is in november
    i have to get skinny by then