Friday, August 14, 2009

ooo la la thinspiration

french women tend to have a lot of stigma associated with them. they're considered to be the best-dressed, sexiest, most beautiful, most graceful, and often the thinnest women in the world. they are the source of so much speculation and envy, that a whole selection of books have been written about them and their incredible je ne sais quois such as french women don't get fat, french women don't sleep alone, all you need to be impossibly french: a witty investigation into the lives, lusts, and little secrets of french women, and, my personal favorite, entre nous: a woman's guide to finding her inner french girl. so since neither a relocation to france nor a space-time continuum disturbance wherein we go back and i am born into the family of wealth parisian aristocrats are not going to occur, i am forced to live sadly on the other side of the ocean, dreaming of suddenly waking up french. the french tend to view us americans in one word: loud. we had three french exchange students when i was in high school and that was what they said about us over and over again. we were all loud. and we ate a lot of crap. but mostly, we were loud. sometimes, i'm struck with an overwhelming desire to be french. i'll wear a horizontally striped shirt and some ballet flats and try my hardest to be feminine and graceful. and i'll smoke a lot. there's a lot of inspiration to be found in gorgeous, impossibly chic french women. and here, my dears, is some thinspiration from them to you.


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