Monday, August 10, 2009

t-minus one day

okay lovelies,

boyfriend is in town so i won't be able to update much until he leaves.

so far the plan is just to fast as much as i can today. i did part of a fat-burning pilates video this morning and eat half an english muffin topped with a hardboiled egg white. later i know he'll want coffee so i'm going to get an iced tall soy latte (only 90 cals!). dinned tonight is a roast turkey which i get out of as a vegetarian. sister dear (who's twelve years older than me, beteedubs, i know xthinforever asked and yes she's THAT MUCH older than me and acts like she's about twelve years younger, unfortunately) will probably try to get out of it since she'll undoubtedly go to the gym after work and say she "lost her appetite." whatever. she's been texting me all morning about her latest crisis. sorry, i'm too busy for your shit.

AHHHH! MY BIRTHDAY IS TOMORROW! which, beteedubs, may be why sister dear is so pissed. she hates it when anyone other than her gets any attention. and while i don't really give a shit about my birthday, she gets pissed knowing that people will pay more attention to me than her. she'll also "go shopping" in my closet and then complain that whatever she wears looks ugly on her. happy. fucking. birthday.

here's hoping those last three pounds ( i didn't even weigh myself to assess the damage i've undoubtedly done with that binge yesterday) melt off magically. tis a birthday miracle, i shall proclaim!

well, keep up the awesome work gorgeouses! i can't wait to catch up on everyone's progress soon!




    I hope your sister doesn't act like too much of a bitch. Heh heh.

    Also, in my every day speech I probably say "beteedubs" like 10,000 times per day. haha.

  2. ohmygod rubix,
    i dont even know why you care about what your sister thinks.. like what is she still doing living at home for one, because if shes 12 years older.. shes almost 30? tell her to get out of high school and grow the fuck up. dont even care about what she says, you are way amazing and you just care about what you are doing for you, because thats who you are doing it for =)