Saturday, August 8, 2009


ok. 11 hour fast (12 am to 11 am) and now all i've had is my usual breakfast and some coffee. i will not go over 500 today. i will not go over 500 today. i will not go over 500 today.

boyfriend comes in tomorrow. and i have to be slim and svelte goddammit so that i won't feel like total ass when sister dear begins flirting with him as she inevitably always does.

oh god i want bread already. what the fuuuuuuuuuuuuck...

should i try relacor? or cortislim? been thinking about going on some diet pills but i'm a bit wary after using hydroxycut and getting really irritable and jittery. plus they had that massive recall because of liver damage. so thoughts?

sigh you're all so brilliant and controlled. i love reading blogs because there are so many people who are so much stronger than me. it's inspiring, even if i sometimes feel even more like shit because i'm not as good as everyone else.

ok. nothing more today until dinner. and about an hour before i'm going to start claiming i have a migraine and that it's killed my appetite. and if i get bored later or start feeling hungry, i'll do some fat-burning yoga. yes, this is a solid plan. and after dinner i'll use teeth-whitening strips so i can't eat. then use a gloss treatment on my hair and a clay mask. and do my nails. okay, this is totally do-able.

wish me luck!


p.s. if you don't already read xthinforever's blog, please do. she's having a rough time right now and could surely use some love. she's super brilliant and her blog is fantastic.


  1. thank you so much :'(
    that was really sweet of you. and you have a really solid plan going on! i totally know what you mean by other people being so controlled is inspiring.. because i prolly have the least amount of control EVER. i feel like i am last place and im reading the blogs of gods or something. you wont go over 500 today. you will do great! :) and thanks again for all your support.

  2. your plan rocks!
    i might steal it tomorrow, cuz tomorrow i'm fasting :)
    your doing really well stop comparing yourself to everyone else and focus on you cuz you've come pretty far too and at least you are definitely NOT at your highest weight right now :) thats something to celebrate :))
    AND, you will have beautiful teeth :) lol
    hey totally try akavar its the only thing that has ever worked for me ever i use it all the time it gives me like amazing energay and no appetite like at all lovelovelove it!
    stay strong <333