Sunday, August 2, 2009

right, ok then

it's sunday! the day of rest. the day of the lord. the day blood? i don't know what sunday means for you, but for this girl, it usually means being a bit of a lazy bum. i don't know how much more of one i can be, considering i'm unemployed and just kind of wandering around, but still!

let's see here, i usually like to take stock of where i am as well and then look to the week ahead and make some sort of a plan.

well, i'm PMSing and bloated and water weight-tastic (which every girl wants to be), so i've gone up in weight in a combination of that and pie (a deadly combination, but the pie is nearly gone so...yay!). i should really make more of an effort to keep baked goods out of the house. the problem is, of course, that baking and cooking are like therapy for me. whenever i want to eat, i make something. usually, some reason, by the time i'm done, i don't want to touch it. i don't know if it's like how people who work at starbucks begin to loathe coffee for a while or how when i spent a dreadful summer working at a smoothie place, you could not have paid me enough money to drink one of those horrendous fruit concoctions. anyway, making stuff, especially pies, cookies, cobblers, and cakes, tends to make me not want them at all. unless of course it's one a.m. and i'm depressed. then pie becomes my best friend. and then my mortal enemy twenty minutes later when i'm purging it out.

ok, so, we've got 9 days until my birthday (yay!) and like 7 days until the boyfriend comes in town (yay!yay!) which means we've really only got 7 days to lose the four pounds that have originally been oh so selfishly hanging around (boo!) plus this god awful water weight (double boo and rotten tomatoes!). however. i have a plan! no way i'm going over 800 any day this week. and according to my calorie calculator is approximately half of what i need. if i can stay under (yay!) i'll get myself some sort of a treat in preparation for the boyfriend's arrival. like a new top! or new shoes! or something!

AND my reward if i can get down to 110 will be a new haircut or a facial. But considering that I just had to go to brunch with the family AND i sat across from my super nosy sister who likes to secretly compete with me about EVERYTHING including weight loss (HELLO!! ED NOS OVER HERE! LEAVE ME ALONE!) which means i had to order something which became:
  • scrambled egg whites (not too bad)
  • cup of fruit (not too bad)
  • yogurt with fruit and granola (possible disaster so i tried not to eat much of it)
yes, i could have ordered less but i was also sitting next to my dad, who has this big thing about "getting your money's worth" when you go out to eat so only eating two things off the sides menu would be a complete waste to him and trust me, i already feel shitty about myself so i don't need a lecture about how ungrateful i am.

anyohmygodmythighsarehuge, i'm going to need to keep up a positive spirit this week. and seeing that i now have 2 followers has certainly lifted my spirits. and getting my very first comment also made me feel better. not to mention the two bars of chocolate laxatives i snuck right after brunch. those things are so damn yummy.

well, this was a long rambling post. but it was a post of determination! of plan! of will power! i WILL be like all those other fantastically amazing blog girls! i WILL look like my thinspiration someday! i WILL not eat anything else for the rest of the day just in case! i WILL! and you will too!


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  1. aww ys you will :DD
    yay! im glad you're so uplifted i love this post :))
    stay tsrong <333