Monday, August 3, 2009

easy girl

ok. steady. careful.

might just be having a good day. usual breakfast. iced tall soy latte. yummy dinner of portobello burger with provolne cheese and spinach in a wrap. and a bit of dried mango.

when i write it all down, it seems like so much. but really it was around 500 calories. leaving me some room for a mug of warm milk and a stella d'oro cookie before bed.

sigh and yet i feel so gross. stupid swimsuit. stupid skinnier sister.

NO! i will be positive, dammit! ok, so...i cleaned out the fridge for my mom. and i don't think anything could gross anyone out more than cleaning out that mildewy fridge. gross city. remind me to do that any time i want to eat anything.

anyone have any tips for other distractions? so far i have:
  • whitening my teeth (can't eat anything for at least an hour!)
  • looking for thinspo
  • shopping for clothes i can never ever afford (polyvore anyone?)
  • cleaning my room (usually at last ditch effort)
  • baking (but that brings in yummy stuff to eat later...)
  • doing my nails
  • playing with my dog
  • watching tv on hulu
beteedubs, yay for three followers! thanks guys!

stay strong everyone!


1 comment:

  1. hahahaha i love whitening my teeth and using that as an excuse to not eat when my mom is around :)
    yay for pearly whites :D
    stay strong <33